Affordable Family Board Games for Easter: A Feast of Easter Treats!

Somehow, it’s nearly Easter. And even though it’s not a public holiday for everyone, we’re planning our Easter egg / board game fun! So, here’s a selection of the best family games for Easter – all around £20. One more thing… If you’re thinking we might crack some egg-based puns in this article, bad news. We wanted to, but our boss said no. As a result, we won’t be taking any whisks…

Spot It!

This fantastic card game is hugely popular with parents, teachers, children – everyone! With five ways to play right off the shelf, and many more online, Spot It!’s got it all. Played fast, slow or on the go, the game seems easy… Every card has eight symbols on its face. You all race to spot the one symbol on your card that matches the one symbol on an opponent’s. When you twin it, you win-it! Comes in a handy-size travel tin.

Spot it!

Bring out the Spot it! game anytime you want to add a little fast-paced excitement and energy to your gathering or idle time.
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Rory’s Story Cubes

Some say the Easter story is one of the greatest ever told… Fans of these storytelling dice say otherwise! There are several ways to play. Here’s the most basic: you roll the cubes and tell a story that links all the pictures showing on top. It’s amazing to watch people create short stories and tell tall tales. Beautifully simple and simply beautiful, Rory’s Story Cubes is one of the most imaginative family board games there is.


Which came first: the typewriter or the radio? The table knife or Frankenstein? Timeline is one of the best board games for Easter weekend because it takes no time to learn. It also lasts for as much or as little time as you like. In short, you all take some cards from the deck. One side shows an event or invention from history – without a date. The other side has the same picture with the date it happened. Without looking at those dates, you have to put your cards at the right point in the timeline. Think it sounds easy? We guarantee you’ll be second-guessing yourself within two minutes!


Embark on a history-rich journey with the Timeline game!
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Concept Kids

White. Four legs. Burrows. Lives in fields… Which animal’s on my card? If you said bunny rabbit, you win points! But wait… While this gives you the gist of Concept Kids, it doesn’t put over the best bits. See, we’re using words here to describe our secret animal… In the game, kids put a frame around several icons to give you the clues. No one says a word! That means you can play Concept Kids with children that can’t yet read! Great fun for the very young; age 4+.