The escape game in your living room!


The escape game in your living room!

  • 1-6 players
  • 10+
  • 60 min
  • A cooperative game inspired by escape rooms

  • Explore locations, combine items and solve puzzles

  • Immerse yourself in the adventure with the app

  • A cooperative game: solve the riddles together


Unlock! is a series of story-driven, cooperative, escape room-style games.

Solve smart puzzles together

All gameplay is contained in a deck of cards. Solve riddles and combine items to overcome various challenges. Players use a free app to enter codes, solve puzzles, and receive hints. The app also works as a timer and offers thematic music and sound effects for every adventure.

Step in various and engaging universes

Each game in the UNLOCK! series features thematic art, from cute and cartoonish to dark and realistic. The art is more than ornamental to the game as it helps tell a unique and engaging story.

More than 30 scenarios are already available

The Unlock! series offers a wide range of different scenarios from a haunted house and a secret island to a sea monster, buried treasure and more.

Escape Adventures in your living room!

  • Unlock! has great art, looking at it, it’s like the characters and the settings are jumping right out at you.

    Amazon Customer

  • Great escape- / riddle themed game!

    BGG comment

  • Definitely the best escape room board games brand out there on the mass market hands down. I love it because it reminds me so much of those flash point and click escape rooms I used to play

    BGG comment

What’s in the box?

Discover all Unlock! Adventures

  • Escape Adventures


    Escape Adventures

    Buy Escape Adventures
    • Visit the island of an eccentric antique collector billionaire and overcome its traps!

    • Enter a secret laboratory to recover a mysterious serum that has been developed by a scientist...

    • Thwart the plans of the despicable Professor Noside in this cartoon-style adventure!

  • Mystery Adventures


    Mystery Adventures

    Buy Mystery Adventures
    • Hunt down by a sea monster during a dive, you find shelter when open an old hatch. Find a way to resurface!

    • What is going on in this run-down manor? Explore its sinister rooms and thwart the curse which haunts this isolated place.

    • Capitain Smith hid his treasure on Tonipal Island. Dig it up before another treasure hunter gets hold of it!

  • Secret Adventures


    Secret Adventures

    Buy Secret Adventures
    • A thick smoke lingers over the region. Another dirty trick of Noside? Stop him before it's too late.

    • The train transports a precious package and you have a hunch that this trip will hardly be restful.

    • Rediscover the Wonderful Land of Oz! Visit its Wizard and challenge the Wicked Witch of the West!

  • Exotic Adventures


    Exotic Adventures

    Buy Exotic Adventures
    • The Boogymen have invaded William's dreams! Unite your forces to chase them and soothe the little boy.

    • Explore a valley full of dinosaurs and save the members of Professor Challenger's latest expedition!

    • The ultimate tale of the Arabian Nights. The sultan is going to sentence Scheherazade to death. Fly to her rescue!

  • Heroic Adventures


    Heroic Adventures

    Buy Heroic Adventures
    • The master of detectives has a peculiar case ahead of him. Can you help him find his way through this investigation?

    • Discover Wonderland and all its strange inhabitants. Hurry, Alice is running out of time!

    • Beat all the levels in this virtual adventure. Escape or it's Game Over!

  • Timeless Adventures


    Timeless Adventures

    Buy Timeless Adventures
    • The Diosen circus is coming to town but Professor Noside has prepared a great sabotage act! Stop him. The show must go on!

    • Experience a jewel race in the early 20th century Paris and take up the challenge of Arsène Lupin.

    • Professor Alcibiade Tempus'time machine works erratically. You must return the timeline to normal!

  • Epic Adventures


    Epic Adventures

    Buy Epic Adventures
    • EAGLE, the secret organization has been infiltrated. Agents, it's up to you to identify the mole!

    • The gold Dragons temple welcomes every seven years new disciples. Be worthy of Master Li's teachings.

    • Grab your popcorn! Tonight, the horror movie "The Werewolf's Final Night" premieres. Will you get through unharmed?

  • Mythic Adventures


    Mythic Adventures

    Buy Mythic Adventures
    • FWOOSH “The Animal-0-Matic…” FWOOSH“… transfers you into the body of any animal…” FWOOSH “It’s not dangerous, I’m telling you! Will you stop moving James!” FWOOSH

    • You are Alix, a slave, in Greece during antiquity. Gaining your freedom will not be an easy task unless you ask Gods for help.

    • “I made the bet with these gentlemen from the Reform Club that we will travel around the world in 80 days. Passepartout! Hurry! The world awaits Phileas Fogg’s masterstroke!”

  • Legendary Adventures


    Legendary Adventures

    Buy Legendary Adventures
    • The elusive Stella has stolen the world's most expensive gem! Stop her and take away her precious haul.

    • Robin has fallen into the clutches of the Sheriff of Nottingham. Call upon his companions to free him from the dungeon.

    • The most famous detective ever needs your help solving a strange murder case.

  • Game Adventures


    Game Adventures

    Buy Game Adventures
    • Travel the “Big Four Railroad” lines across the United States. Be careful; this trip may be more eventful than it seems!

    • Enter the Mysterium house and find who committed the crime and why using the dream cards. An oneiric and esoteric journey filled with mysteries...

    • Patient zero has infected several countries, one after the other. Your team of disease-fighting specialists (virologist, medic, dispatcher...) must find him and contain the epidemic.

How to play

Watch your first game


Learn how to play your way! Choose your favorite method below.

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Exclusive benefits

Unbox Now offers you exclusive benefits!

In all our games you will find a code which gives you access to exclusive advantages!

How do I access my benefits?

How do I access my benefits?

By using a code which is either printed on the back of the game’s rule book or on a separate leaflet that came bundled with your board game.

This code is a serial number with the following format:


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