Best strategy board games

Fun Strategy Board Games Bring Friends and Family Together

Bring your closest friends and family even closer for an evening of board games that revolve around the ever-intriguing theme of strategy. Strategy-driven board games are special in that they encourage brain development and cognitive thinking, however they encourage this in a way that’s pretty sneaky, because really the only thing players are aware of, is the extreme amount of fun they’re having! Strategy can have many different looks, depending on the game you’re playing. Will you need to build your city and plot your path to greatness whilst keeping an eye on your opponent’s progress? Perhaps you’ll have to play your cards just right and build your railway lines faster than the other players. No matter which game you select in this collection, you and your game night crew will be delighted with the fun, strategic, and suspenseful moments contained within each box you open.

Travel to Another World with these Fun Strategy Board Games

The best strategy board games challenge us to think through our actions, with an element of suspense sprinkled in. When the pressure’s on to win, you need to decide what plan of action will you take, to achieve your overall goal. It’s the race against rivals that pushes each player to think creatively and act decisively. Try, for example, the riveting competition brought by playing Small World of Warcraft. Designed for 2-5 players, age 10 years and older, this exciting game invites players to compete for rule over the territory of a world that’s too small to support all of its inhabitants. Taking place in the Blizzard video game-inspired universe of Azeroth, players must use their strategy skills to select the best combination of powers and warriors to overtake their rivals’ lands to claim victory.

Splendor Marvel continues the super-imaginative theme by transporting players to the Multiverse, where a battle ensues between the evil Thanos and the Avengers superhero dream team! In this seriously strategic board game, players must locate the Infinity Stones that are found throughout the Multiverse. The Stones can be used to recruit heroes, claim key locations and launch an attack to save the world from Thanos! This fun strategy board game is designed for 2-4 players, age 10 years and older, so it’s a great option for game night with kids and adults.

The Best Strategy Board Games for Kids

Jamaica and Carcassonne may sound like places you’ll visit on your next family getaway. However, there’s no need to wait until you can get time off to take the kids to these faraway places! These are two wonderful strategy board games for kids age 8 and older, that will keep them engaged and amused, while their imaginations journey to new places. In Jamaica, 2-6 players venture to a world of pirates and ships, as they set sail on the seas around Jamaica. The goal of this adventurous game is to sail around Jamaica while gathering food, gold, and gun powder. But watch out for other pirates! Players must put their strategy skills to the test, as they race to the finish line while gathering as much loot as possible.

The kids might want to travel in time, back to the Renaissance era in France, by playing a round of the award-winning Carcassonne board game. Also created for players age 8 years and older, 2-5 players strategise in order to shape the French landscape around the town of Carcassonne, by building up the area through claiming monasteries, roads, fields, and cities, and earning points. The player with the most points wins the game!

Entertaining Strategy Board Games for Adults

Launch game night into overdrive with 7 Wonders, the world-renowned board game that delivers an insane level of strategy, imagination and intrigue. 7 Wonders is designed for 3-7 players, age 10 years and older, which makes it one of the best strategy board games to enjoy with grown-up friends. Journey through three ages of ancient civilization, each leading your own city to greatness, by building, conquering, and strategising in order to defeat your opponents. Using your best strategic thinking, you must build an enduring empire that outlasts the others. 7 Wonders plays at a quick pace, keeping everyone at the edge of their seats. A little bit of luck and a lot of strategy is what it takes to win emerge victorious!

Add Settlers of Catan to your collection of strategy board games for adults and always have a wonderful game box to open when your friends come calling for a fun evening. In Settlers of Catan, you and your crew will venture to the Island of Catan, where you’ll compete against one another to be the most successful settler on this untamed, wild island. In this strategy-driven board game created for 3-4 players, age 10 years and older, you’ll need to plan well in order to build up your settlements, acquire the longest roads, and develop the strongest armies on the new island frontier. It’s a fun race against one another to be the most successful settler on the island.

Keep Game Night Small With 2-Player Strategy Board Games

Fun 2-player strategy board games offer the opportunity to connect with a family member or friend in a way that is meaningful and memorable. Unplug, bring out your favourite 2-player board game, and put the kettle on…and get ready for quality time together involving some competitive strategising as well! The Jaipur card game was created specifically for 2 players, age 10 years and older. It’s a fast-paced competition between two of Jaipur’s most successful traders. Use your strategy skills to buy, sell, and trade your wares and earn an invitation to be the Maharaja’s personal trader!

Grab your railcard and jump aboard, for a trip around North America, when you and your opponent dive into a round of Ticket to Ride. You and your opponent collect railcards and choose which railway lines to build, in order to connect iconic cities across 20th century North America. Strategise carefully in order to build the longest railway lines – the longer the railway line, the more points you earn. Designed for 2-5 players, age 8 years and older, this game works well for two!