Boredom Beating Board Games for Easter: Like a Little Light Strategy?

Ever heard of jarping? No? It’s a little-known Easter game. Not a board game for Easter, mind, but an egg-based game that’s a little like conkers… You and your opponent each hold a hard-boiled egg. You take turns tapping the pointed ends together. Whichever egg cracks first loses! If that sounds interesting, feel free to have a go. If you fancy something with a bit more strategy, though, take a look at this list…


Get hold of gold and build buildings in this kingdom-growing game. In a wonderful twist, Citadels invites you to become a different character in each new round. Starting as a king, you can become anything from a magician and a thief to a warlord and a bishop. Can you develop buildings, score points and deceive your opponents?

Love Letter

Was it singer Dolly Parton that said, “I still believe in the Easter Bunny, Father Christmas and true love…”?Well, this highly original game focuses on the latter – and is all the better for it! Love Letter sees two to four of you become suitors to the Princess of Tempest – Annette to her friends. Naturally, Annette’s locked herself away in the palace. Naturally, you want to reach out to her with a love letter. And naturally, you have to take turns, risks and cards to stop your competition doing the same. Not even remotely an Easter themed board game – but a great light-strategy title for the long weekend.

Ticket to Ride: New York  

See hustling, bustling city streets in a whole new way… When you play Ticket to Ride New York! In this version of the ever-popular series, you must think on your feet and stay on your toes as you race to see sights and complete your Destination Tickets. The game blends luck and planning; you can learn it in minutes and play it for hours! If you’re looking for a little light strategy this Easter – board games for kids, families or adults – be sure to check it out. Age 6+.


These escape-room titles present you with some great-value, brain-testing challenges. You and your team must cooperate to solve the clues, check the codes and beat the games! There are several versions from which to pick. Work with your friends and family as you use a free app, the cards and your wits to solve puzzles. After you download the app, you don’t need the internet.  Unlock escape room mysteries in your own home!